Get More Exposure with Flyers and Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail

Get More Exposure with Flyers and Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail

I know what you’re thinking – you hate junk mail. I hate them too but that’s until I see some coupons for 2 can dine? 2 for 1? Then it’s wham-bam, I’m on top of it! Expires in 2 weeks? Oh no, I better get going!

Mcdonalds, A&W, KFC, their flyers always end up in my hands somehow. If your ad shows up at the right time, at the right place, to the right person, you’ve hopefully, by strategy, earned a customer. That’s the beauty of digital advertising; to target an audience with precision and data. Now, if you’re a storefront business in a residential neighborhood, we can do it snail mail style because everybody prefers the convenience of proximity. Let the neighborhood know that you’re here, that you’re close, and give them a fantastic reason to pay a visit.

To start, let’s get an idea of the cost because if the numbers don’t make sense, the rest of this article might not matter.

Canada Post Neighbourhood MailTM Minimum

We are going to use Canada Post’s Neighbourhood MailTM to get your flyers out. The minimum order is one Canada Post route, equivalent to roughly 500 addresses which sounds like a pretty good proposition. On Canada Post’s website, they say the cost is as little as $0.173 for each flyer. You pay: $0.173/flyer x 500 (sample # of houses on a postal route) = $86.50. Prices are exclusive of taxes and are subject to change without notice.


Flyer Design Size

12″x6″ for Standard Size, 12″x11″ for Oversize (500g maximum weight with a max thickness of 1″, which seems pretty thick but that’s what it says)

Source (Page 28)

Flyer Printing Cost

We’ll need to print at least 500 flyers to meet Canada Post’s minimum requirement. A 12″x6″ double-sided color flyer can cost between $1-$1.5 depending on where you go. If you’re printing a few thousand, you can expect to pay $0.25 to $0.50 per flyer. Print orders in the tens of thousands can be as low as $0.10 per flyer. The bigger the print order, the lower the printing price and you can switch from digital color printing to offset for large volumes.

Canada Post also offers design and printing but I will need to find out more about this. Stay tuned.

Flyer Design Cost

Design fees will depend on the complexity and the creative quality and presentation of your design. Custom artwork, photography, copywriting, a creative sales message will add to the cost of your flyer project. Flyer design pricing can be in the low hundreds to a thousand or two depending on what branding assets need to be created. When investing in new assets, you’ll want to be able to use them in your other marketing materials or reuse them to spread out the cost.

Canada Post Precision Tool

Canada Post offers a fairly easy-to-use tool to help identify how many people we can target and for what price. Here’s a quick example if we were a downtown business and we wanted to target our surrounding area. Give it a try to get an idea of your mailing pricing.

Flyer Design Tips

Make An Offer

Offers and deals automatically generate attention. FOMO! Fear of missing out, but you knew that. Who wants to miss a deal that they could’ve been a part of? The offer is the icing on your flyer design. The first part of a one, two punch system. They never had a reason to visit you but now you’ve just given them a monetary saving incentive to give you a try. Give them something free or a discount with a minimum purchase. It’s also a great way to track if your flyers come back too.

Set an Expiry Date

This is part two of the one, two punch system. First, you give them an offer, and then second, you put a time limit on it. We’re a lazy bunch and we excel at putting things off and this is where we apply pressure, an expiry date! Needless to say, don’t set it too long or too short – find what works for you.

Have an Emotional Tone

We’re emotional beings and the difference between a good story and a great story is the ambiance that you set your story in. You probably can’t tell a 2000 word story with a flyer design but a picture paints a thousand words right? Set the mood.

Give it Authenticity and Personality

This is your brand appeal. The opportunity to showcase how you’re different visually from your competitors. Are you loud and bold, fun or serious, an array of colors and patterns, or muted sepia? Every business has some sort of personality whether it is intentional or not. Discover your branding voice and make your brand experience memorable. It’s your shiny bait on the fish hook.

Personalized Photographs

Opt for actual photographs of your product, business location, staff, or you. I mean, they’ll see you anyways. Authencity is the name of the game and if you’ll be you, you’ve already distinguished yourself.

Include a Written Message

Start a conversation with you and your customer. Consumers like information to base their buying decisions so the more you ‘talk’ to them, the better they can decide. Depending on your flyer design and the amount of space available, try to include some sort of written copy to help sell your product or service. People like to read on the topic if they find it interesting. Your message may be short and sweet, simple and to the point, or witty and crafty. Words can be very persuasive and memorable as they can be implanted into the audience’s mind for a much longer time than a photo. Words can also be much more imaginative as well. Say you’re a dental office, it can be as simple as ‘The dentist with the blue sign. Come on by and say hi.’ Better to say something than nothing. You are much more engaged with a movie with dialogue than a movie without.

I wish you all the best with your flyer campaign. If you have any questions, don’t be shy and reach out or leave a comment!


Buying Your Own Domain Name & Website Hosting (includes email)

Congratulations on your business. You are at the part of your business journey where you need to personalize your branding with your own domain name, email address, and website. Let’s get right into it.

*Please note if you sign up with my HostGator link, I will make a commission. I have been recommending HostGator to several of my clients prior and discovered that I can be an affiliate partner. This posting is not intended as an advertisement.

Pick a Website Hosting Company

To start, you’ll need to pick a domain name and website hosting company. There are many but generally, they all offer the same services with around the same pricing. To make things easier for you, I recommend, as I do for most of my clients for their pricing and offers. If you’re a small or medium-sized business, say a restaurant, a dental office, a hotel, a store, or a service provider, HostGator will do the job for you. You will have your own domain name, the ability to set up multiple custom email addresses, and hosting for your website. You can install a free WordPress website, design and code your own or hire a professional or budding website designer.

Unlimited storage, unmetered bandwidth, unbeatable hosting. This gator’s got ya covered. And they’ll throw in a free domain for a year, too! That’s the HostGator pitch but after working with several other hosting companies, HostGator’s introductory low pricing, free SSL, 24/7 friendly customer support, and not over-bearing interface is why I recommend this company. In case you’re not sure of what an SSL certificate is. It’s the standard that encrypts the connection of your site and is used for the passing of sensitive customer information. For most, the difference is the little lock icon in their browser that says your site is secure or not secure. If your site is not secure, sometimes visitors will see a warning ‘Connection is Not Private’ when visiting your site and be deterred with proceeding. An SSL certificate is considered necessary nowadays.

Unfortunately, HostGator does not offer .ca domain names. It’s possible to buy a .ca domain name elsewhere and point to HostGator’s server but it can get complicated. If you need a .ca domain name, I suggest a one-stop-shop for your domain name and hosting and recommend Web Hosting Canada ( (I do not have an affiliation with but worked with clients using their service)

If HostGator it is, then let’s get started! Again, this process is pretty much the same for all companies but much easier to walk you through a working example.

Visit HostGator to Get Started

Visit and click Get Started. Chances are you’re only going to need the Hatchling plan or select Baby plan if you want to host multiple websites with different domain names. If you need the Business plan, you’ll probably be working with a web developer and this article is likely not for you. I’ll just use the Baby plan as an example and let’s click the Buy Now.

Step 1 – Enter the Domain Name You Wish to Buy

Depending on the name of your business, you may have some trouble securing a matching domain name that isn’t already taken. This might call for some creative fun with your domain name. For example, if you’re a Japanese restaurant, you could go with Having some fun with your domain name can really help distinguish your business and be a great chance to show off some of your personality! You will need to have a domain name picked out to proceed through. If you’d like to do a quick brainstorm, don’t be shy and contact me as I’d be more than happy to speak with you.

Domain Privacy Protection

You might want to buy this for an extra charge of $14.95 per year (at the time of writing). This hides your ownership details and contact that anyone can easily search for. This protection prevents you from being spammed or tricked into paying for your domain and hosting with a fraudulent company. Sometimes they’ll use your contact and send you an invoice to renew your domain name or to a pay fee but it’s not a legal company and has nothing to do with your domain name.

Step 2 – Choose a Hosting Plan

Pick Hatchling plan (for one website) or Baby plan (for hosting multiple websites). You can always upgrade later if needed. I also suggest buying for 3 years as you’ll save the most money and you won’t have to worry about renewing.

Step 3 & 4 – Account and Billing Information

Fill in your goodies.

Step 5 – Add Additional Services

In this early stage, I don’t think you’ll need any additional services. You can always add on later. If you plan on populating your website with a lot of content, ‘Backup Your Hard Work’ might be for you. There’s a chance with Shared Hosting servers becoming corrupted and you might lose all your content. The hosting company will likely have a backup but it’s not a guarantee.

Step 6 & 7 – Coupon Code & Review Details

A coupon code should be automatically filled in for you to receive your low introductory offer.

Check Out Now!

Click the Check Out Now button and you’re all set! You’ll receive an email from HostGator. You will have successfully purchased your domain name and website hosting. Now we can go set up your own customized email address. Click here for instructions.

If you have any questions, you are most welcome to contact me or drop your thoughts in the comment box below. I hope to hear from you! Thank you for signing up with my HostGator affiliate link. My commission earned will support One Design Academy.

Set Up Your Email Address with Your Own Domain Name

Set Up Your Email Address with Your Own Domain Name

Now that you’ve bought your domain name and website hosting, you are ready to set up your own personalized email address. You will need to have bought website hosting in order to set up your email address with this article. Buying a website hosting package allows you to load your own website and includes email creation. It is possible to set up your own email addresses without hosting but you’ll need to buy some sort of email plan.

If you haven’t purchased your domain name and hosting, you’re invited to read this post.

Setting up your own email address is easy. All you need to do is access your website hosting’s Control Panel.

*Please note if you sign up with my HostGator link, I will make a commission. I have been recommending HostGator to several of my clients prior and discovered that I can be an affiliate partner. This posting is not intended as an advertisement.

Control Panel Access

If you’ve purchased your hosting with HostGator, you will have received an email containing your control panel link. To access the control panel, you will need the username and password that you created with HostGator. Another method is to log into your HostGator account and launch the Control Panel (Cpanel) in your HostGator dashboard (the Control Panel or Cpanel contains all your options for managing your website hosting). Visit to sign in (sign in ‘the portal’).

Launch Control Panel

1. Once your Cpanel is open, click Email Accounts. Also have a look around your Cpanel, there’s a lot of stuff you can do in there.

2. Click +Create.

3. Select your domain name, enter your desired email address and password (you can generate a password).

4. Optional Settings – Change your Storage Space to unlimited so you don’t risk not getting your emails because your storage has been filled up.

5. Click +Create and you’re all set!

Accessing Your Emaill Account

You can then access your email account by visiting, or You will need to enter your email address (username) and password.

Note: Due to how the shared SSL works, you might have to accept the certificate warning to access the webmail interface after navigating to the URL provided above.

Questions & Affiliate Link

Easy right? If you have any trouble, you are most welcome to contact me or drop your questions in the comment box below. I hope to hear from you! Thank you for signing up with my HostGator affiliate link. My commission earned will support One Design Academy.

Set Up a Free WordPress Website with Your Website Hosting Plan

Set Up a Free WordPress Website with Your Website Hosting Plan

You’re doing it! You bought a domain name and paid for a website hosting plan and now you’re ready to get a website up and running for your business. This DIY solution is great because at this moment you just need to have some sort of online presence and you like dabbling with this stuff. The only cost here is the price of your hosting plan and you have thousands of free WordPress website themes to choose from. This budget-friendly option doesn’t sacrifice presentation, you can accomplish a lot with a good theme, the right photos, and if you pick your fonts and colors wisely. Just a word of caution, it may be overwhelming for some people but if you follow these steps closely, you’ll get it. Plus feel free to contact me if you run into any roadblocks.

Let’s get into it.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free website content management system (CMS) that you can add and edit your own written content at your leisure. You can also add your own photos and galleries, create pages and blog posts and even add your own contact forms. How your website will look will be determined by the WordPress theme that you pick. It’s fairly easy to use out-of-the-box but the more customizations you seek, the trickier it will be. To make things easier for you, I’ve pick out a free theme for us to walk through. If you like this theme, all you have to do is change the content to your liking and you’re all set!

Installing WordPress

Assuming you’ve already bought your domain name and hosting (if not, read this). I will use HostGator as an example but the process is the same with all the other hosting companies. You will need to install WordPress to your hosting account and it’s just a few clicks to complete.

Log Into Your cPanel

Visit and sign in (portal). Click Launch Cpanel to open it up. Inside your Cpanel, scroll down and click WordPress.

Click Install Now

Directory, Site Name & Password

Wait for Installation to Complete

Success Window!

WordPress Dashboard Link

Installing a Theme

Congratulations on successfully installing WordPress. You can view your fresh WordPress website by entering your domain name in a web browser but it’s going to look very ‘bloggy’. Don’t be disappointed though if a website! We’re going to walkthrough how to install a theme and that will take your website to a whole new level. Ready? Click here to learn.

How to Install a WordPress Theme (AIRI Theme, Free)

How to Install a WordPress Theme (AIRI Theme, Free)

Alright! You’ve installed a fresh copy of WordPress on your hosting account and now it’s time to walk through loading a theme. You can choose a theme of your choice and there are free and paid themes and some are definitely better looking than others.

Let’s get right into it.

Log Into Your WordPress Dashboard

Installing a Theme

Add New Theme

Search for a Theme

Install AIRI

Activate AIRI


Elementor Plugin

Kirki Plugin

One Click Demo Import Plugin

Import Demo Data

You will need to download the Demo Data and manually upload them. Download here.

Designate Your Home Page

Menu Buttons

Edit Your Home Page and Other Pages

Elementor Example

Exit Elementor to WordPress Dashboard

That’s it! Share your new website with me, I would love to see it.